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About Team Stupid Whatevers

So there was a new Team Service Announcement video put up this week. That means you’ll be seeing new, weekly installments of the only thing you watch on my channel, right?

The short answer is, yes, you will see more of them, but not weekly. Go watch the other videos I make, you spoiled peasant.

The long, better, less insulting answer is this…

The “Team Service Announcement” series of videos aren’t as big a priority for me as they where when I first started making them. Ever since I took a break from them to focus on “Quest of the Demoknight,” I’ve been enjoying making videos that I can do whatever I want with as opposed to those bound to a reality that makes conveying a message possible. Additionally, videos like “Amazing Apartment” and “Scale Force Master” can be whatever I want, while TSA videos have to focus on the one grievance I have regarding Team Fortress 2. It’s very difficult to come up with an entertaining skit about crouch-jumping every week, and very easy to just come up with something I think would be cool and fun to do.

Aside from that, there really isn’t much else I believe needs to be said with Team Service Announcements. I know most of you are probably saying

"That’s not true! What about the thing I keep asking you to make videos on even though you stopped asking for ideas in the descriptions of the videos?" I haven’t taken any of your suggestions because they are always either:

1) A very minuscule problem that becomes very obvious after a bit of playtime.

2) Far too specific and seems to be a very rare problem only you have come across.

3) Something that I’ve already covered, or could be derived from a past video.

4) Something about Mann vs. Machine, and I already said I’m not doing any on those.

Another thing that’s been bugging me about the series is that it’s intended purpose (getting shared around to new and other players to boost the skill level of the community) hasn’t been… done. Instead, the main audience of the videos seem to TF2 veterans and people who just want to laugh at wacky video game jokes. So I’m starting to think it’s a fruitless endeavor that does nothing but get me ad revenue. Which is cool, but not what Team Service Announcements are meant for.

With this being a new year, I wanted to start doing new things that I’ve been wanting to do for a while, but couldn’t because I was stuck telling people to not have 5 Snipers on their team. I can’t grow as a content creator if I’m doing the same kind of videos week after week, especially if I’m not enjoying it. Maybe I could start doing stuff with assets from games other than Team Fortress 2, and start getting viewers outside of the TF2 fanbase. I’m trying to grow here, man. I can’t be held down by your ties, son. I gotta BOUNCE.

So yeah, there’ll be new Toop Dooper Sersainpecks, but just not one every week. Just when I actually come up with one I think is good, or worth making.

Also, stop calling me “Krunk,” or “Krunky”, or “Krunkie.” We are not friends, and even if we where, that is not the name you called me. I don’t know you, turd.

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